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Facebook Live Conversations hosted by Darren Wednesdays 7 pm CST

Join us for our weekly live Broadcast with mental health advocates, addiction counsellors, business owners, teachers, coaches and many more to tell their story.

These raw and real connections offer insight, education, information and support systems so we may shine a light on our collective struggles.

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Thank you for supporting We Connect weekly broadcasts. We’ll be pausing for the Spring & Summer of 2022.

We will be back bigger and better than ever in the fall as we continue to bring awareness and support to mental health through the power of no fear and vulnerable conversations.

We had over 20 amazing and uplifting conversations this winter from our wonderful guests who ranged from teachers to business owners to military to mental health professionals! Absolutely amazing so thank you all...

We Connect Broadcasts

We Connect with Kayla MacKay

On Dec. 15th we had one of our very own Love My Mind partners Kayla MacKay join us! Kayla and Tanner opened the provinces first out patient recovery centre and have grown into a support facility which offers many support programs.

We discussed what is going on in our community in terms of addiction and addiction amongst our teens and other mental health issues that are relevant for our viewers.

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We Connect with Mike Hengen

Dec. 8th we were excited to have had hockey coach, hockey scout and owner of YXE High Performance....Mike Hengen as our guest. We discussed the relationship between young athletes and coaches and everything in between as it relates to mental health! Where does the pressure to perform come from? Does playing for the love of the game get lost sometimes? This was an epic conversation will no pulled punches.... and you do not want to miss watching this replay!

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We Connect with Kristen Smith

Join us every Wednesday as we will be inviting amazing guests from all walks of life. From our wonderful mental health partners of Love My Mind to teachers, coaches and business owners in our community. Open conversations with a few curve balls and of course support tools and education for mental wellness.

So, gratifying knowing that we eliminated waiting lists for the most part and turned none of the many who reached out away.

So much uncertainty remains in our day to day lives and now we head into winter where mental health struggles seem to escalate. These struggles will come in many forms as we are unfamiliar with the triggers and even have difficulty determining who is struggling unless they reach out.

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