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Facebook Live Conversations hosted by Darren Wednesdays 7 pm CST

Join us for our weekly live Broadcast with mental health advocates, addiction counsellors, business owners, teachers, coaches and many more to tell their story.

These raw and real connections offer insight, education, information and support systems so we may shine a light on our collective struggles.

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Thank you for supporting We Connect weekly broadcasts. We’ll be pausing for the Spring & Summer of 2022.

We will be back bigger and better than ever in the fall as we continue to bring awareness and support to mental health through the power of no fear and vulnerable conversations.

We had over 20 amazing and uplifting conversations this winter from our wonderful guests who ranged from teachers to business owners to military to mental health professionals! Absolutely amazing so thank you all...

We Connect Broadcasts

We Connect with Jill Cowan
We are so grateful to have had Jill Cowan, Founder & Director of Healing To The Max with us at We Connect. Healing to the Max is a nonprofit organization based in Saskatoon that offers many branches of support for those bereaved by a traumatic loss by suicide. This topic is quite emotional for myself and family and I am as well others but is not often talked about...
After losing her 16 year old son Max, by suicide in 2015, Jill experienced challenges in finding meaningful support for herself, her husband, and their two surviving children.
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We Connect with Sandi Scissons-Nieth

A special welcome to our guest Sandi Scissons-Nieth. Sandi is a long time friend, teacher, coach, fitness instructor and mental wellness advocate in our community. We discussed a variety of topics relating to our youth and how things have changed over the years, how they navigate through today's world and how they maintain their mental health.

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We Connect with Mama T
On January 5th at 7pm we welcomed one of Love My Mind's most passionate and generous partners! Tammy Powder, aka Mama T is a married mom for 4 kiddos and lives in Central Saskatchewan.
Tammy is an advocate for parents of children who struggle with Addictions and Mental Health challenges. Walking her own path of learning how to parent children with mental health challenges has opened her eyes to a whole new way to parent, communicate and help her family thrive. She understands the importance of parents taking care of themselves in a healthy way so they can take care of their family.
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We Connect with Matt Jodouin
On Wednesday, December 29th during the holiday season for a broadcast that is perfect timing for all of us wanting and needing to set goals, purpose and new intentions for 2022. We are thrilled to have had Certified Life Coach, Matt Jodouin as our guest. He is known for his action-oriented approach that produces results for his clients fast! He helps clients across western Canada take their thoughts, goals, and dreams and turn it into their reality.
Matt has developed a simple process that is based on proven strategies and backed by scientific research. He credits his success to a genuine desire to empower people to live a life full of purpose, passion, energy and intention. Matt as most of us has a very powerful and impactful story which hopefully he will share his journey with us!
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We Connect With Brad Siroski

Just in time for Christmas, what a wonderful present it was to meet with the one and only (no filter required) Brad Siroski! Brad has grown to be one of the most respected and like mental health and addiction speakers / counsellors as he speaks with influence and the truth....that is exactly what the world needs right now!

We discussed the finer details about not only coping, but recognizing mental health triggers within ourselves and loved ones.

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