We Connect with Marshall Catterson

Sometimes our mental health does seem a little like Groudhog Day, but by connecting and having vulnerable conversations that shadow that looms will eventually go away! I think we all need an early Spring! I am very excited to have this guy on our broadcast as he will leave it all on the table when telling his story. I have known Marshall for many years and he is always that upbeat guy even when he is not behind the turn table spinning up some beats...He is an internationally renowned DJ!!
Marshall is a 50 year old divorced single Dad to 2 rescue cats and a 9 year old human boy who lives with him 50/50. He has been a SaskTel employee of 16 years and have been a Dj and music producer for close 25+years. Just trying to navigate life and all its ups and downs. He has been through it all and has survived all life has to throw at him, coming out the other side smiling! Has it been easy? Hell no, it’s been downright hell at points but he says he wouldn’t trade it for anything. Marshall does suffer from anxiety and depression, recently went “California Sober” and have been making an effort to heal the wounds from his past so he doesn't bleed on anyone in his future. We will be discussing such personal topics like;
-booze/drugs and the abuse that comes along with it
-growing up in an abusive, broken home
-death of a parent(dementia)
-divorce & starting over
-mental health
If you anyone that is going through something similar please reach out and have them tune in to what will be as real as it gets!