We Connect with Teresa Walker

We are excited to have back on our broadcast one of our Love My Mind partners and good friend Teresa Walker! She is an Inspirational Facilitator & Kolbe Coach, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Personal & Professional Development Coach.
Here are a couple of her upcoming speaking engagements;
ELEVATE ~ Women’s Summit on January 28th in Calgary, Alberta.
One day in person & interactive event.
*The importance of community and connection as we walk through the chapters in our lives.
*Co-created with four other phenomenal females who all bring a different dimension to the day and experience.
ENERGY 2023 ~ Four week virtual program begins Thursday, February 9th.
~ This is a foundational program focussed on self and strengths - it’s like taking an inventory within all the core areas.
*Confidence building*
Our disucssion points will include the importance of creating solid foundations/ core values as change is inevitable within life
- Communication and how it is key.
- tackling difficult conversations and different perspectives.
#MakeTheMostWithYourMoments is all about letting go of guilt attached with caring for oneself, yet understanding there is a ripple effect for every action or inaction. We are so looking forward to our conversation with Teresa as well as the questions that you may have for her! Join us!