We Connect with Tracey Kowalchuk

Looking forward to this conversation with Tracey as our stories are quite similar as we have both dealth with the loss of a loved one. Then turning that trauma into something positive and sharing it with others so we can grow stronger together...
About Tracey; B. Ed, B.A., M. Leadership (PCLT)
Tracey is the founder of TK Leadership Outside of the Box. Tracey offers training & coaching to leadership teams who want to work more cohesively to achieve higher collective goals.
Tracey Kowalchuk is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF), an Associate Certified Coach (CTI), an expert facilitator and inspirational speaker. Tracey uses her talents to support clients through team development and
one-on-one coaching.
Tracey’s journey to supporting people started with her experiences of adversity at the young age of 8 years. A family tragedy expedited her maturity. She became a business partner and confidant to her mother who took over operating the family mixed farm business.
She witnessed the resilient leadership role that her mother took on and learned the many skills required to run a business. She watched her mom not only survive but thrive as she navigated entrepreneurship in a very male-dominated business. Other devastating losses throughout her life inspired Tracey to integrate vulnerability with her business acumen to inspire leaders to do the same. Join us and let us know your questions for Tracey.