We Connect with Zak Krysak

Join us once again as we discuss mental health and our youth. What does it look like as we prepare them for that next step from high school to college. Utilizing their athletic gifts to get recruited for college scholarships and what are the key factors to getting there. So much to think about and still there is the pressure to peform. Does it become too much? Well let's talk about it with our guest Zak Krysak who himself was a former high performance, multi-sport and college athlete. He is also the founder and mental performance coach of The Grind Performance Elite Training. The Grind Performance was created from Zak’s passion to help other student athletes with the mental aspect of their games and help them navigate the many changes, challenges and failures that come with living the student athlete lifestyle.
With focuses on Mental Health, Growth & Development as well as Sports Psychology, The Grind Performance and Zak’s coaching methods aim to help all athletes and individuals striving to reach their highest potential, in and out of sport. The Grind Performance also provides support & guidance in sending athletes to the next levels while helping families navigate the college recruiting process.
So important to give our kids their best chance to achieve their dreams and gain an education. Why then do we continue to lose so many young athletes to suicide when it should be the time of their lives...