We Connect with our Youth - Zach Moore & Sage Babey

SPECIAL EPISODE - We are excited for our special edition broadcast as we connect with our young athletes for a conversation. These kids are so busy these days with hockey, school, family, friends and just life, but we got em' and on a Friday...go figure!!
Sage is currently in grade 11 at St.Joseph high school
and in her second year with the Saskatoon Stars U18AAA hockey team playing forward. When she does have spare time from hockey and school; she enjoys hanging out with her friends.
So cool that Sage has committed to play D1 at Merrimack college after graduating high school. Well done!! Sage is a competitor and a very driven teen as high marks in school and lighting the lamp is the game changer . She is super motivated to be the best that in all assets on and off the ice, as she is always trying to be one step ahead of everyone! Personality wise she is very energetic and loves to have fun and make others around her smile and laugh!
Zach is attending St. Joes as well presently in grade 11 and playing in his 2nd year with the Saskatoon Contacts U18AAA hockey team. Last year Zach entered the WHL Bantam draft and was the Saskatoon's Blades 1st overall pick and 34th overall pick. He is very driven in school and presently in on the honor roll with distinction. Some what of and old soul who is always up for a challenge or discussion about sports, politics or social cuture.
Zach loves to play golf and hang out with his friends in his spare time. Even made some dough last summer working at the Wildwood Golf Course to pay for gas and sushi!
Such a great time in life to these young athletes as they prepare for that next chapter in life with achieving their dreams! But what is the price to be paid to get to that next level and does the pressure to perform become too much?
Let's talk about it...