Break the Silence-Breakfast For Supper | Prairieland Park, Saskatoon

A group of friends working together to Break the Silence, creating awareness of mental health, it’s many faces and to talk about it with no judgement! Plus who doesn’t love BREAKFAST FOR SUPPER alongside great entertainment by Gong Show and dancing in your PAJAMAS? Love My Mind are proud to help create an environment celebrating friendships and family relationships while welcoming open conversations about mental health and it’s many faces. It’s OK to talk about it…no judgement…let’s break the stigma together.

Break The Silence-Breakfast For Supper will be honoring the memory of MARK ANDERSON … Chuck, Chuckie, Chuckles … son, brother, father, uncle, grandfather and dear friend. We all asked the same questions … Why? What could we have done differently? What did he need that he just couldn’t find? What should we have been looking for that we didn’t see? This event will help raise funds for local initiatives that help provide IMMEDIATE assistance to those in need. Whether it be a conversation, a room in a treatment facility, or assistance for those with a loved one going through a challenging moment. Funds raised will remain local in supporting existing Saskatoon community initiatives.