Online Auction

2nd Annual


August 25 - 27, 2023

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Online Auction & Fundraising Campaign! This event supports projects, awareness events and initiatives in our community relating to mental health and addiction.

Last year, the money raised was allocated to projects where we assisted local youth support organizations to get off the ground and into our city and rural schools, offering various workshops and presentations to our youth.

We were also able to support one of our counselors in creating a small town mental health workshop, which we launched in his hometown of Davidson. This 4 week workshop, due to our support, was FREE to the surrounding area and SOLD OUT in a matter of days.

From there, a ripple effect occurred, as other towns wanted something similar in their community. We were also able to fund a few treatments for those not able to afford counselling.

Truly, some fantastic work was being done in a year that we found to be the toughest to date as we lost too many good people young and old to suicide.

Right now, it is organizations like ours (boots on the ground) that continue to make a difference as it pertains to treatment support, education, resources, awareness, connections, and conversation.

We need to continue to let our community know that they are not alone and that we are here to offer support…

Here's How You Can Help:

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Personal or Business Donations

We ask for your support as we begin to raise funds through personal or business donations and our 2nd Annual Online Auction for our upcoming projects and initiatives.

Auction item donations can be anything that you feel will peak bidding interest and raise money, as our goal this year is $25,000!

Donations for Collection

To donate to the online auction, you can email us at or call Darren at 639-471-7922

The online auction goes live on Friday, August 25th at 5pm and final bidding will conclude on Sunday, August 27th at 9pm.

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If you don’t have items to donate for the auction but would like to help us reach our fundraising goal, you can make a monetary donation by clicking the button below.

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How Love My Mind

Supports Community Initiatives

The Love My Mind projects and initiatives are related to suicide prevention, awareness events, mental health workshops and other related aspects that affect the lives of our loved ones.

Funds will also be used for our We Connect support series and other events related to mental health support throughout the winter.

Your donation will also be recognized on all of our print material, event banners, social media and on our We Connect podcast.

In such a short time, Love My Mind has had a very significant impact in our province by providing more awareness to a dire situation, opening some doors to resources and education to those in need.

We have injected just over $250,000 back into our communities that couldn't have happened without the financial support of local businesses and the professional support of our counsellors.

Still, more conversations are to be had…more information to be conveyed and more connections to be made. With that being said, we are now working with partners that have programs in a proactive intent getting to people at risk prior to their struggles getting too deep.

These programs are groundbreaking, as we can now get an early jump on helping people as well as making people who struggle more accountable for their own mental health. There is help out there more now than ever so let’s take advantage of it. Love My Mind is gearing up for what could be an intense winter, as with all the uncertainty around us it weighs on our mental health.



Your Generous Donations Support these Incredible Broadcasts

We will once again be hosting our We Connect support series that runs from the end of October until the end of April 2024.

This is a weekly video / audio podcast that I host that invites people from our community, which ranges from mental health counselors, to athletes, to business owners, to those who now want to tell their own story.

We discuss various topics pertaining to mental health and offer support tools, resources, and education to help those who struggle.

These broadcasts have connected so many people regarding support for those who struggle or collaborate with new projects and initiatives.

Donations for Collection

To donate an item or service to the online auction, you can email us at or call Darren at 639-471-7922

The online auction goes live on Friday, August 25th at 5pm and final bidding will conclude on Sunday, August 27th at 9pm.