We Connect with Toni & Monika from Saskatchewan Alternatives Initiatives (SAI)

We are excited to have these two amazing people join us from Saskatchewan Alternative Initiatives, which is a local charity in Saskatoon. Saskatchewan Alternative Initiatives (SAI) offers daytime supports (vocational, recreational and/or volunteer), home supports and supported independent living programs.
They provide choices and opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. Everyone in our community shares the privilege of living a life of dignity and respect as a participating citizen, which is why they partner with those they support to design personalized lifestyle options suited to the individual’s values, needs, dreams and desires.
Toni is a mom, wife, and the Director of People and Culture at SAI. She has had many opportunities to see the challenges our community faces in providing mental health services to diverse populations and the challenges people face in accessing available resources. As someone who has struggled to maintain her mental health at various points in her life, Toni knows firsthand how difficult it can be...
Monika works in the disability services field, and is very passionate about caregiver wellness as an antidote to burnout and turnover. She is a Team Leader for Saskatchewan Alternative Initiatives (SAI) in the Supported Independent Living Program (SILP). When Monika is not spending her time supporting or at the SAI office, she is spending her time with her husband, 6-year-old son and 2 pities, Chico and Bubba.
We will be having a conversation with regards to;
Why boundaries are important in caregiving roles!
How does SAI support a culture that promotes mental health under the Gentle Teaching Philosophy.
Programs we have at SAI to support employees' mental health.
Barriers the individuals we support face in accessing mental health support.
Barriers employees face in accessing mental health support.
Great disucssion points which affects many people in and around our community! Join us!