We Connect with Teresa Walker

This week we were very fortunate to have another partner of Love My Mind and Inspirational Facilitator Teresa Walker!
Teresa connects with audiences at conferences, employee professional development days, workshops, retreats, school/youth events, motivational addresses (keynote) and one on one through conversations.
Through her own personal journey of learning and experiences in life she came to understand that it is about a string of moments and the personal choice of having the tools and being able to use them.
The power of the moment...​
Teresa became a widow and single mom in the blink of an eye when her husband was killed in a workplace accident. Growth happened through a deep dive of learning, understanding and ultimately acceptance and love for herself and uniqueness. Teresa is an advocate for self awareness and self care as each individual explores to discover what lights them up and how to safeguard what matters most. She is a Kolbe Certified Coach, a graduate of the SIAST Recreation and Leisure Diploma Program, has training and certificates in mental health and leading activities in the outdoors.
She believes in the value of listening and following your “gut” and learning how to trust your instincts...."Quiet the mind and your soul shall speak.”
You will find Teresa on the water, exploring trails, or near a campfire as nature is her classroom. She often shares via social media her photos and writing to plant seeds of thoughts for others to explore as they choose how to #MakeTheMostWithYourMoments
During this broadcast we discussed self awareness, self care, grief, pressures and how to communicate! ENERGY is the main point in all of this**
If you are struggling or know someone who is check out this replay as there are some great tools to help you cope and grow!