We Connect with Tami Forrest

During our weekly broadcasts, our guests talk about their own journey along with all of the ups and downs that occurred throughout. They are also mental health advocates and are also looking to help and support people who are struggling. This weeks guest Tami forrest is no different as she is a fitness trainer, registered cardiology technologist, wife and mother of three beautiful children.
Tami's journey with mental health and wellness began at a very young age with being self destructive and her “fat” body! Then through her teenage years her negative body image and self hate worsened. In her mind she was never skinny enough, pretty enough, or popular enough. This self destruction led to a life with anorexia and bulimia; while her anxiety was taking a firm grasp on her mind set.
For Tami, as an adult, her disordered eating improved, but her anxiety worsened. In 2006, with the birth of her first child, her anxiety and depression came to a head as she was in the acute stage of Postpartum Depression. Tami's anxiety was out of control and she was unable to sleep, eat, or even brush her teeth...and she decided her life wasn’t worth living. She was in the darkest time of her life, but could still feel the love from everyone around me.... Then later on things came crashing down once again!
If you missed this broadcast you can still join us for an emotional and relatable journey. Tami is here to help with several support tools and education about the power of keeping our bodies and mind fit!
Tami truly believes that finding success in the gym starts with finding success in your mind. She learned that having mental health struggles aren’t a sign of weakness or failure. Mental health doesn’t choose who it affects, anyone can be affected. She also learned to get to know everyone as an individual and not be judgemental... but supportive. By talking about our struggles and our successes openly we can create an environment where we can conquer mental health together.
Watch this We Connect replay here!