We Connect with Matt Jodouin

On Wednesday, December 29th during the holiday season for a broadcast that is perfect timing for all of us wanting and needing to set goals, purpose and new intentions for 2022. We are thrilled to have had Certified Life Coach, Matt Jodouin as our guest. He is known for his action-oriented approach that produces results for his clients fast! He helps clients across western Canada take their thoughts, goals, and dreams and turn it into their reality.
Matt has developed a simple process that is based on proven strategies and backed by scientific research. He credits his success to a genuine desire to empower people to live a life full of purpose, passion, energy and intention. Matt as most of us has a very powerful and impactful story which hopefully he will share his journey with us!
Mental health and wellness affects all of use more now than ever and we all need some direction and goal setting to get back on track or maybe a new track! This will be your chance to make that happen so don't miss out!