We Connect with Mama T & Ruby!

On February 23rd we welcomed back one of our favourite community partners, Mama T and her daughter Ruby!

Tammy Powder, aka Mama T is a married mom for 4 kiddos and lives in Central Saskatchewan. Tammy is an advocate for parents of children who struggle with addictions and Mental Health challenges. Walking her own path of learning how to parent children with mental health challenges has opened her eyes to a whole new way to parent, communicate and help her family thrive. She understands the importance of parents taking care of themselves in a healthy way so they can take care of their family.

Ruby Powder (her daughter) also joined us to provide the kids/teens perspective of the struggles with mental health. She is a young lady who is passionate about mental health and well-being. She blazes a trail for other young people to let them know they are not alone. Ruby has struggled as most young people are struggling now and she is passionate about living a healthy, sober lifestyle that helps demonstrate to young people that everyone is, in fact, enough. She shares the healthy coping mechanisms she has learned and picked up along the way of her own mental health journey.

Mom and Daughter being open about mental health and sharing some of the truths behind it... We all know Mother's that are dealing with their teens, single dad's dealing with their teens and siblings dealing with each other!

This was an amazing broadcast full of real conversations and support tools for everyone! Be sure to check out the replay here!