We Connect with Kristie Leslie

On February 16th Darren hosted another engaging conversation for We Connect with the Community featuring Kristie Leslie as our guest.

I have so many wonderful ways to describe Kristie, such as being resilient, driven, passionate and caring to others. Behind the chair for 20 years and business owners for 14 years, most recently her very successful LUXE Beauty Co. brand! Mother to her amazing girls Remi and Harper and married to Ryan for coming up on 10 years this fall...Congrats!

Kristie in a nutshell has always been obsessed and focused on personal development, self-help books, the beauty industry and salon business, raising kind humans, building a business environment where people feel safe, happy, and have the opportunity to thrive.
Kristie is an advocate for mental health and overall wellness. She feels a strong pull to contribute and expand her knowledge of mental health. Kristie believes that we have the opportunity/ability/need to support each other better, everyone needs more support in this area of life.

She experienced heavy depression throughout her teen years and early 20's, went through bouts of suicidal thoughts, and never really understood it or knew how to ask for help.

Kristie also experienced postpartum depression and anxiety with both pregnancies and continues to learn about how to manage ADHD as an adult and business owner.

If you missed this very open and relatable conversation, you can watch the replay here!