We Connect with Katena Hill

This week on our We Connect broadcast we are looking forward to our conversation with Kitena Hill. We will be discussing such important mental health topics like burn-out, injuries and mental health as well as some discussion around entrepreneurship and the effects.
A little about Kitena as she completed the combined Kinesiology/Education program at the U of S, and then experienced a vast array of employment opportunities from the education world, to purchasing a church at the age of 22 to become a business owner. She was in automotive sales and finance, to social media marketing, coaching, teaching preschool, personal training, serving/waitressing, nannying, and now most recently as the Coordinator of the Family Resource Center in Meadow Lake, SK.
In April of 2014 she suffered an accident abroad that led to hospitalization and a pretty intense road of recovery which left her feeling broken and unsure of where to go and what to do next. It took her a long time to find herself and a purpose again after she became a hermit. She just felt like she got her feet back on the ground when she then had to move back in with her parents at the age of 24. Her business took a hit after a long term relationship had ended, she lost my job, and had a broken foot during the winter of 2017. They say bad things come in threes and at that point she wasn’t sure what could make things worse. Then her grandpa was not doing well and rode the rollercoaster of more ups and downs.
In January of 2020 she was injured again, this time at work and in the midst of a global pandemic. To this day she is still going to treatments to help manage pain and rebuild lost muscle. It’s been a long road of recovery with many ups and downs with the ebbs and flows of life. There have been many dark days, days of not wanting to get out of bed, and days where she is running on adrenaline, days when she smiles and say I’m fine!
Health, Wellness, and Active Living have been a passion since she can remember and she also enjoys working with youth of any age as it is very rewarding. Growing up, she was a competitive gymnast for 13+ years, she has coached for almost 15 years, and she also have about 5 years of experience judging at the provincial level. She is also an avid fitness guru, outdoor enthusiast, and love working with people of all ages and stages. From new mommas and newborns, experienced ages in their hospital beds, and every age and ability in between.
Be kind to yourself and we look forward to meeting you on the 8th of December when Kitena will share more about her past experiences and how she found her purpose.