We Connect with Juston McRae

Hope everyone is well as we head into April! You are really going to enjoy this episode as this is as real as it gets and our conversation will touch on so many mental health issues. We are super excited to have Juston McRae as our guest on Episode #38 of our We Connect series!
Juston grew up in the small town of Craik, Saskatchewan and then moved to Saskatoon when he graduated and then began a lot of fun crazy strange cool jobs. His employment varied from a clerk at an adult video rental store, he sold vacuums door to door, he harassed people to sign up for credit cards at the Bay, he worked as a machinist until he cut two fingers off, he worked at the penitentiary in Prince Albert and Stonewall (just out side of Winnipeg), he worked at a golf course, and he was also turned down from what he thought was his dream job of being a waiter because he was told he had “little to no personality”.
Then he spent 15 years working at Sears and for the last 13 years he has worked at Rawlco Radio. Juston divorced in his late 30s and was sharing custody of his two children when he 1st figured out he was in an internal battled with many demons, the biggest being depression fueled by alcohol. This was also his first awareness of his mental health and its general disrepair. In his early 40s Juston met his second wife and if you tune into the podcast you will likely hear him talk about what an amazing woman she is...
Juston and I will also be talking about his story and what mental health and addiction looked like to him. We will also discuss the great things he and Pamela and his family are doing today for mental health in our communities. This is a wonderful story that you do not want to miss!