We Connect with Julia Evans

Our guest from March 16th does actually have a one-of-a-kind story...as this luminous, resilient and courageous woman who has turned a series of traumatic life-altering events into a beautiful journey of finding self-love and acceptance. Join Julia Evans – The Lily Nurse, BScN, RN, PHN, CBP & Best Selling International author, registered nurse and energy healer as she shares her journey.

Learn what it's like to fully breathe it all in - the darkness, the light, the loops and turns, and everything in between. For we all have a story and just what to be seen, heard and taken out of the shadows.

With Julia, we also discussed topics such as;
- From silence to voice – darkness to light.
- Live the life that holds true to you.
- It’s just a chapter, not your entire story.
- Permitting yourself the power to heal.
- Re-aligning the body-mind-spirit connection.- Learn simple tools of self-care.
To connect with Julia via email thelilynurse@gmail.com and you can order her book The Lily Nurse on amazon here!
This stuff is so cool and it may just help you with your day-to-day! It was a great conversation so be sure to watch the replay here!