We Connect with Chantelle Miller

We are proud of her and excited to have Chantelle Miller as our guest on the We Connect broadcast. Chantelle has quite the journey and is ready to share with all of you how she turned her pain into her purpose after years of living in shame, doubt, worry, insecurity, unworthiness and very little self-love or self-awareness. She is a very good friend and local business owner of Vivacious Boutique Co. and also a coach of personal development!
Chantelle's heartbreaking story started young with sexual abuse and went on for over a decade from someone she thought she could trust - a male family member. As she got older, Chantelle was unaware if this behaviour was normal as it had become a regular pattern; however, she knew it was not in harmony with her heart and soul. This conditioning had put her into such an awful mind prison. Not knowing how to express the emotions, pain and confusion, she turned to bodily harm, cutting herself, trying to release her internal suffering. Throughout her teenage years, she would try to escape and mask the trauma with drugs and alcohol, not knowing her biological father also added to her struggling state of mind...
At 25 Chantelle got married to a man who she thought was her saviour. Little did she know that she attracted him based on her frequency and internal vibration of how she felt about herself. Immediately after marriage, his narcissistic behaviours became overbearing. Again, she went back into that torturing mind prison, the thoughts and feelings of hopelessness were overwhelming. She would constantly think of ways she could take her own life and make it look like an accident as she could not bear the thought of her children knowing that she did that to herself. Chantelle finally escaped the marriage after ten years with the support of her mother.
This journey of Chantelle's has led her to a life purpose, which is to serve and help others. She studied human development, growth, potential and success at the Proctor Gallagher Institute and spirituality meets peak performance with the Diamond Academy. She is now coaching others to believe in themselves and unleash their true potential and power within. We are all very powerful creators and with the right tools and mentorship, we can create our reality from the inside out. She knows that our past does not dictate our future and when we change the way we see ourselves, everything and everyone around us changes...This is truly a conversation you'll want to check out!