We Connect With Brad Siroski

Just in time for Christmas, what a wonderful present it was to meet with the one and only (no filter required) Brad Siroski! Brad has grown to be one of the most respected and like mental health and addiction speakers / counsellors as he speaks with influence and the truth....that is exactly what the world needs right now! We discussed the finer details about not only coping, but recognizing mental health triggers within ourselves and loved ones.

Still there are many stigmas surrounding the topics of anxiety, depressions, alcoholism and suicide as it applies to men! Well now is our chance to have a very open conversation about it, ask the right questions and most of all gain valuable support tools as we head through the holiday season and winter!

Tough times right now and as our other wonderful guests have all indicated we need to do this together! No pride of authorship when it comes to saving the lives of our loved ones! It affects us all, so no reason not to join the conversation on this one...

Be sure to check out the replay here!