We Connect with Adam Friesen, Ian Rambally & Kelly Venaas

This is a tough one, but such a needed conversation due to the increased amount of people getting divorced and how we have lost loved ones because of it - directly or indirectly. When it does happen it immediately throws everyone involved into a tailspin, while we are attempting to process it all. This was supposed to be your life partner, your best friend, the love of your life!
What happened??
Now what??
How do I move forward?? Find ways to deal with anger, sadness, and loneliness.
What about my kids??
Am I going to be OK? Financially? Mentally? Physically?
Finding your tribe! Discover new routines. Utilize the resources around us!
All important questions and we need to talk about this as it has so many possible negative effects. Well I have 3 of the best dudes that I know that have agreed to join our broadcast and talk about it!
Adam Friesen; 43 - Born and raised in Saskatoon. Loves to play Golf, vball and hockey/football dad extraordinaire. When he was younger he was a bartender/bouncer and general man about town. As a grown up he is currently in his 19th year at Canada Post and working as a supervisor at a letter carrier Depot.
Ian Rambally; 48 - Key Account Manager- SK for Beam Suntory (10 years with Beam). Been in Food and Beverage for 30 years. Ran for City Council in 2016. He loves all sports such as golf, fastball, baseball, basketball and coaches minor softball. He has two lovely daughters - Dylann 17 and Jalyn 15.
Kelly Venaas; 51 - Originally from Saskatoon and attended Mount Royal school. He worked at dairy producers, and at the CFD Dundurn fire hall where he then took his EMT certification at SIAST and took his fire fighting 1001, 1002 in Martinsville in the late 90s. Got hired with the Edmonton fire department in March 2003. He then was married is 2006 and then was blessed with the birth of daughter Raina in 2011. He has been her hockey and Ball coach for the past 6yrs. He also loves dogs as he dad's Weimaraners Hank and Hattie. Then separated in May 2022
It sucks...it really does! But we need to talk about because life truly does go on and everything does happen for a reason and those who love you will always be there...
"Time is your currency...Evreything is Temporary...and you'll never regret spending time with the people you love!"