Jade's Ride for Mental Health

Cycling towards improved mental health outcomes for all Canadians, one province at a time.


Jade's Ride aims to raise awareness about the systemic issues within each provincial mental health system. While stigma was a significant concern during our inaugural bike ride in 2017, we've seen a marked decrease since then. Many individuals with lived experiences have bravely shared their stories, prompting society to listen attentively. Now, the time has come for action.

Despite the increased willingness to seek help, there remains a stark lack of resources in each province, resulting in lengthy waitlists and unaddressed concerns. To address this mental health crisis across Canada, Jade will conduct interviews with individuals during the cycling trip. These semi-structured interviews will delve into their experiences with their provincial mental health systems, each lasting between 45 minutes to an hour. The collected data will be anonymously published in a book, shared on our social media platforms, and utilized for future research. Confidentiality of all individuals will be strictly respected. Ultimately, the goal is to inform politicians, healthcare professionals, and society about areas in need of improvement within each system.

The mental health crisis demands an innovative solution, one that should be driven by the individuals and communities most affected by these issues. Those who require these services should lead the way in implementing change. If you or someone you know would like to participate in this research, please feel free to contact Jade via email or phone.

P: (306) 717-5150

E: jadedulle@jadesride.com